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Insurance conference with participation of Armeec

On 3 November 2011 in the building of VUZF the 10th Jubilee National Conference with international participation was opened on the topic:"Insurance and security market in post-crisis period: Realities, vision, expectations and priorities for management of change." Organizer of the conference was the foundation "Prof. Dr. V. Gavriiski”  with the support of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance and with the assistance of the Academy of Economics “D.A.Tzenov ", the National Social Security Institute, the Financial Supervision Commission, the Association of Bulgarian Insurers, the Association of Insurance Brokers in Bulgaria the Bulgarian Association of supplementary pension security companies, the Association of licensed companies for voluntary health insurance and a newspaper "Insurer press." Among the topics discussed at the forum were visions of post-crisis development of the insurance market and security systems in Bulgaria, the issues of increasing the competitiveness, quality of service and financial stability of insurance companies. At the plenary session on the first day of the conference Mr. Rumen Georgiev, Executive Director of Armeec Jsc, talked about the new guidelines and opportunities for development of the Bulgarian insurance and the improvement of the organization of insurance business processes as a key factor for achieving higher results by the companies.