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What are cookies?


Cookies are short text files containing information on the user’s actions and preferences expressed whilst visiting a particular website. They are stored on the user’s device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) over a certain period of time depending on their type. Cookies make for a more convenient website use experience website because they save users the hassle of having to input their preferences every time they visit the website or go from one page to another. Cookies also make websites operate faster and more securely. Cookies contribute to the websites’ smooth operation, offer opportunities for website optimization and identify for irregularities. Cookies cannot damage your files and/or increase the risk of viruses penetrating your device.



What are cookies used for?


The information and data gathered by our system of cookies is used to improve ZAD Armeec AD’s services in terms of website usability allowing it to display the most relevant information for the particular user.



Types of Cookies


Compulsory Cookies

Compulsory Cookies are used in order to allow ZAD Armeec AD’s website to execute its basic functions. We use them to authenticate or confirm the identity of our users so that we will be able to offer them our best services, to adhere to the provisions of our General Terms and Conditions, ad to maintain our service security. Website navigation cookies, the cookies that transfer the user input data from page to page within the website, access-security and ant-tampering cookies all fall in this category.


Functionality Cookies

These Cookies are not absolutely indispensable or compulsory, but they do allow us to customize our site to better fit your needs and to recognize you the next time you visit. These Cookies remember your preferences so you don’t have to set them every time and request of you data which you have already provided. Functionality Cookies include device recognition Cookies as well as language and font preference cookies. They collect anonymous information and cannot be used to track your activities on other websites.



Efficiency and Analytics Cookies

These allow us to determine the number of the users of our website and to collect statistical data on what the site is being used for, which pages of it are used most frequently, and whether or not particular web pages are issuing error messages. This information is used to draw conclusions and issue recommendations for improving the services and the efficiency of the website. These cookies collect anonymous information on how users navigate our website and what problems they encounter.


Advertisement Cookies

These are used to log your visit to our website, the pages you access, and the links that you have followed to get there. The information gathered through these cookies is used by us to show you advertisements that may be useful to you based on your preferences. Add Cookies are also used to measure the efficiency of advertisement campaigns and to limit the number of appearances of any individual add. You can manage the advertisement cookies through the settings of your browser.



Session Cookies

These cookies are used to enable you to go between pages on our website without having to log in every time. This practice is referred to as ‘as single sign-on’. We also use session cookies to recognize you when you return to our website, to give you access to the services we offer, and to store your answers to questions we have already asked you in our Survey so you won’t have to take it again.


Third-Party Cookies

We may use Third-Party Cookies as part of our services. They are run by particular websites and are not controlled by us. We have listed a number of Third-Party Cookies we use below. Some of them can be turned off from you browser’s settings. To turn off the rest of them, you will have to visit their particular websites and follow the instructions given there.

Adwise – collects anonymous data to run targeted advertisements. To learn more, please go to

Adsense – displays news based on the user’s patterns.

Google Analytics – is used to generate site traffic statistics, to provide traffic source statistics, and to convert units of measurement and sales. This is an internet traffic analysis service offered by Google. The information a cookie has gathered regarding your use of our website is transferred and stored on Google servers physically located within the United States of America. Google may transfer this information to third parties (for storage and processing purposes) only if this is appropriate and does not breach applicable law. Google will not make any connections between IP addresses and other user information, which it processes or stores. IP address anonymity in the EU and the European Economic Area is achieved by encoding. In exceptional cases full IP addresses may be transferred to US-based servers where they will be truncated and stored. To refuse access to Google Analytics, please go to:

Gemius – is an analysis tool. Click here to learn more.


Your Rights Regarding the Use of Cookies


You can choose whether or not you accept the use of Cookies. You can set up your browser to alert you every time a cookie has been received by your device giving you a choice between accepting it and rejecting it.

Some cookies can be turned off from the general settings tab of your browser or, alternatively, you can set up your browser to automatically reject all Cookies. contains clear and detailed instructions in English on the use of various browsers and operating systems.

Please, keep in mind that changing your browser’s settings to reject Cookies, may impact the performance of our website.


ZAD Armeec AD’s website uses cookies to ensure its smooth operation and improve its efficiency Learn more / Understood


Your personal data is processed by ZAD Armeec AD in its capacity as personal data administrator. To learn more, please read our Corporate Personal Data Protection Policy