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When you fill out a Vehicle CasCo notification of damages, please follow the these instructions:


  1. The Notice of Damages is filled out by the owner of the insured vehicle or his representative, which is expressly indicated at the top of the form. The claimant will enter his personal data such as full name, address, PIN and contact information.
  2. Next, the claimant will enter the data from the insurance policy such as number, term of duration and the specific information of the insured vehicle.
  3. In the box intended for a description of the event, the applicant will provide detailed information as to when, how and where the event occurred, what transpired, what other parties were involved, if any, any other damaged vehicles and so on.
  4. Upon the occurrence of a traffic accident, the information of the driver of the other vehicle will be recorded along with the information of any other persons involved in the event.
  5. Once the event has been described, if there were witnesses, their information is also entered, i.e. names, addresses, telephone numbers.
  6. Depending on the type of the event, it is also indicated whether it has been registered by the competent authorities such as the police, the fire department, the civil protection service, the weather service, etc.
  7. Then, the claimant will describe the damages sustained by the vehicle as a result of the aforementioned event. They are marked on the provided figure and are described in writing depending in the type of damage in the margin next to the figure.
  8. The compensation is determined based on the rights provided for in the policy by marking the applicable options in the margin. Where the compensation is to be sent directly to the insured, the payment method is indicated (by cash or by a wire transfer).
  9. Of the documents listed in the form, the claimant will only mark those that have been submitted upon filing the claim.
  10. The date and place of filing the claim will be entered in the bottom left corner. The right bottom corner is reserved for the signature of the claimant.

The Vehicle CasCo insurance event notification form can be downloaded here to be filled out by hand or here, for electronic dispatch.

The filled out form will in all cases be submitted with the document package that is to be provided to the  INsurer.