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Personal accident insurance

Armeec Insurance JSC offers individual or group insurances

to cover events in relation to the life, health and working capacity of the insured.


The Personal Accident Insurance is optional. It is issued at the request of the client and is designed for individuals from 16 to 69 years old, who have not been certified by the Labour-expert medical committee (TELK) as having a permanent loss of working capacity over 50%.


The following risks are covered under this insurance: death, permanent and temporary disability and medical expenses resulting from an accident at work or at home. Various options of the insurance are offered depending on the risks covered and the amount of insurance cover. The sum insured per person varies from BGN 1000 to BGN 30,000.


Upon occurrence of an insured event as a result of a risk, covered under the policy, the company will pay the agreed sum insured and/or compensation to the insured or a beneficiary, named by the insured.

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