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Personal accident of hotel guests insurance

Subject matter of insurance

The insurance is taken out on a voluntary basis by hotel owners. It covers Bulgarian and foreign citizens staying at hotels, motels, private lodgings, bungalows, chalets, tourist dormitories and other places of accommodation on the territory of the country.


In case of a valid insurance contract, the insurance of each guest shall become effective after his/her registration at the hotel and payment for the accommodation.

Territorial validity

The insurer is liable for any events occurring on the territory of the hotel and the adjoining areas as well as during brief excursions of the guest in the country and/or abroad, provided he or she has not checked out of the hotel.

Risks covered

The following risks are covered under the policy:

• death as a result of an accident;
• permanent disability as a result of an accident;
• medical expenses or repatriation as a result of an accident or an acute disease;
• burglary or loss of baggage;
• public liability of the hotel guest for material and/or non-material damage caused to third parties.


If required by the hotel keeper, the insurance may provide assistance for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Through the assistance cover the hotel keeper ensures reliable insurance protection for his guests. A 24-hour emergency centre and a free 24-hour hotline are available for the insured persons. Upon occurrence of an insured event the insured persons are rendered free of charge medical services in medical centres and hospitals at all seaside and mountain resorts and in all big towns in the country.

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