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Protected family insurance

The Protected Family insurance

provides insurance cover for movable and immovable property of natural persons. It is valid for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria unless otherwise specified and covers the property located on the address mentioned in the policy.


The insurance covers damages to own, rented or property kept on other legal grounds, as follows:

  • Real estate  - buildings;
  • Movable property – furniture, domestic appliances, audiovisual and electronic equipment, personal belongings and other household items.

Armeec Insurance JSC provides cover against the following risks insured individually or grouped in clauses:

Basic cover

Clause А – fire and the consequences of extinguishing the fire, lightning, explosion and implosion, impact of aircraft or parts and objects falling therefrom;

Clause B – storm, hurricane, damage from falling branches and trees, torrential rain, flood, pressure from natural drifts of snow or ice, subterranean water, sea waves, landslide and landslip, hailstorm, avalanche;

Clause D – breakdown of  plumbing, sewerage, heating and air-conditioning installations; short circuit and current rush; impact of motor vehicle or animal, damage to property during transportation from one location to another  by own or rented vehicle;

Clause V – vandalism, including arson and malicious explosion.

AdditionalL cover

Clause Z – earthquake;

Clause К – burglary;

Clause N– loss of rental income;

Clause О – public liability of the insured, resulting from a risk insured under the policy;

Clause H – expenses for alternative lodging;

Clause С – broken glass and shop-windows;

Clause G – personal accident – the following risks are covered: death, temporary or permanent disability of a family member, resulting from an accident.


The insurance is issued on the first risk basis, i.e. the total amount of damage is compensated, up to the chosen limit. The procedure of issuing the policy is simple: the completion of a proposal for insurance and submission of a specification of the property insured against theft is not required, if the “theft” risk is covered up to BGN 4,000.

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