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Protected home insurance

Обект на застраховане

The Protected Home insurance of Armeec Jsc is specially designed to provide comprehensive insurance cover of property belonging to natural persons and legal entities, such as residential and utility buildings and villas, and the improvements made therein. The policy covers also general furnishings and personal belongings, electrical appliances, audio-visual and electronic devices, farm equipment (agricultural machines and tools), works of art etc.

The insurance provides protection against:
  • fire, lightning, explosion, impact of aircraft or parts and objects falling therefrom;
  • damage to plumbing, sewerage, heating and air-conditioning installations; short circuit; impact of motor vehicle;
  • natural disasters – storm, hurricane, damage from falling branches and trees, torrential rain, flood, pressure from natural drifts of snow and ice, subterranean water, sea waves, landslide and landslip, hailstorm, avalanche;
  • earthquake;
  • burglary, theft by use of technical device, robbery, vandalism (incl. arson and malicious explosion);
  • loss of rental income; expenses for alternative lodging; debris removal;
  • public liability for damages caused to third parties;
  • accidental breakage of glass and shop-windows;
Advantages of the insurance:
  • comprehensive and flexible insurance cover, based on the individual requirements of the client;
  • prompt and adequate underwriting and claims handling services;
  • timely payment of claims;
  • adequate assistance to the insured persons;
  • excellent reinsurance program, allowing maintenance of the level of services upon occurrence of catastrophe risks.
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