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Public liability of legal entities

The insurance covers

the public liability of Bulgarian and foreign legal entities (including, if agreed, managers, employees, officials and additionally insured activities) for sums, which the entity will be legally liable to pay as compensation for any material damage and bodily injury (including death, disease or disability), caused to third parties as a result of their act or omission.


The insurance is signed on the basis of a proposal in writing duly completed by the proposer in a form approved by the insurer. The policy covers the liability of the legal entity arising from events occurring on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria up to the actual  amount of the damage, but shall not exceed the agreed limits of insurance indemnity, which are respectively single (for one occurrence) and aggregate (for the period of insurance).


The insurance premium is fixed on the basis of the limits of indemnity, the annual turnover and the risk class of the enterprise.


The insurance indemnity shall be payable after presentation of a claim in writing on the basis of an out-of-court settlement between the parties to the insurance contract and the injured third party; in case the parties cannot reach an agreement – on the basis of an enforced court decision.

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