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Public liability of physical entities

The Public Liability of physical entities covers

the liability for all sums within the agreed limits of indemnity, which the insured will be legally liable to pay on the grounds of any claims made by third parties, as compensation for damages caused in the period of the insurance by the risks of our everyday life (excluding those which are characteristic of a certain business, profession or occupation or are the result of some unusual and hazardous activities) including all claims settlement expenses.


The insurance covers the liability of the insured in his capacity as:

  • head of a family;
  • employer of any persons, employed in the household;
  • owner of a flat(s), a house and/or a villa on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria used personally by him/her;
  • owner of domestic animals and beehives, excluding dogs, cattle, riding and draft animals;
  • any person, practising sports activities with the exclusion of hunting, rowing, yachting and water motor sport;
  • a bicyclist.

Upon agreement between the parties and against payment of an additional premium an extra cover may be included in the insurance in respect of liability arising from ownership of dogs (including hunting dogs), riding and draft animals, cattle etc.; ownership of buildings and property, which is not used by the insured himself; repair works up to BGN 20,000; hunting; water sports etc.  


The insurance premium is determined as a fixed sum per person on the basis of the chosen limits of indemnity and the nominated co-insured persons in the household.


In case of a valid claim the insurance indemnity shall be fixed on the basis of an out-of-court agreement between the insured and the injured party, approved by the insurer. If such an agreement is not reached, the indemnity will be payable on the basis of an enforced court decision.

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