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Public liability of tour operators

The Public Liability of Tour Operators

is a compulsory insurance for entities performing tour operator’s activities according to the Tourism Act and the Regulation on the conditions and order for signing the compulsory insurance, covering the tour operator’s liability.


Armeec Insurance JSC insures the professional liability of licensed tour operators for damages caused to traveller(s) undertaking group and individual tourist journeys which have a total price (organised trips) as a result of non-payment of the insured to their contracting parties and/or suppliers, including in case of insolvency and bankruptcy of the insured.

The insurance covers damages caused to travelers, taking part in organized trips worldwide and include:

  • Reimbursement of sums paid by the traveller stated in the contract for an organised trip before the inception of the journey;
  • Payment of the difference in the cases when during the trip only part of the services stated in the contract have been provided;
  • Expenses for the back journey of the traveller to the point of departure;
  • Legal expenses for claims made after an enforced court decision and claims settlement expenses.

The insurance is signed on the basis of a proposal-questionnaire duly completed by the proposer. The policy is issued after payment of the insurance premium which is a fixed sum per depending on the chosen limit of indemnity, the sales turnover, the total cost per traveller, the business plan of the tour operator and depends on the territorial scope of the organised trips and the loss ratio of  the previous period.


In case of a valid claim the indemnity shall be payable to the insured within 14-days’ period after establishment of its grounds and amount. The indemnity due under the present insurance shall be fixed on the basis of an out-of-court agreement between the insured and the injured party. If such an agreement is not reached the indemnity will be payable on the basis of an enforced court decision.

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