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Rescue expenses insurance

Subject matter of insurance

The insurance is taken out on a voluntary basis for individual or group trips. It covers Bulgarian and foreign citizens aged up to 69 years, who undertake trips as tourists, for rest, or take part in sports and training events on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, during which an accident or illness might occur.

Covered expenses

Armeec Insurance JSC shall cover the expenses actually incurred for investigation, salvage and medical first aid and transportation, as well as the expenses of any organizations involved in the search and/or salvage of the insured (such as Bulgarian Red Cross, Civil Protection Service, Fire Safety Department).

Sum insured

The cost of insurance depends on the sum insured and the period of insurance.


To facilitate customers the Rescue expenses insurance up to the limit of BGN 1000 can be concluded by sending a SMS to number 1979 (at the price of EUR 6 with VAT on all mobile operators). More information is available at

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