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Tourist insurance

Subject matter of insurance

Insured under the group or individual insurance policies are Bulgarian citizens during their trips or stay on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The insurance is issued to individuals aged up to 69 years or to whole families, tourist associations for organized excursions and to children who attend “white” “green” or “blue” schools, stay at children camps or go on excursions.

Risks covered

The following risks are covered under this policy:

• death;
• permanent or temporary disability, resulting from an accident;
• medical expenses and repatriation, resulting from accident and acute disease.

Insurance indemnity

Upon occurrence of an insured event the injured party will be paid the expenses incurred for medical treatment, besides the indemnity paid for suffered damages.


The tourist insurance provides assistance for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, which ensures reliable insurance protection through a 24-hour emergency centre and a free 24-hour hotline. In case of an insured event free medical services are rendered to the insured in medical centres and hospitals at all seaside and mountain resorts as well as in all big towns throughout the country.

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