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Trip cancellation insurance

Subject matter of insurance

The Trip Cancellation Insurance is taken out on a voluntary basis. It is designed for individuals who are planning a tourist or business trip on the territory of the country or abroad. The policy covers the risk of cancellation of a journey as a result of any medical or non-medical reasons, which are beyond the control of the insured and are unforeseeable at the time of signing the insurance.


Armeec Insurance JSC reimburses the expenses made in advance by the insured person for purchase of airline tickets, for hotel reservations and any other expenses for tourist and business services which are not refundable in case of trip cancellation.

Risk covered

The following risks are covered under the policy:

  • death resulting from an accident of persons over 14 years of age;
  • expenses for a trip cancellation;
  • expenses for curtailed or interrupted journey;
  • expenses for extension of a trip; 
  • expenses for flight delay.

It is obligatory to take out the insurance within 5 days after the contract for a journey has been signed, a plane ticket has been purchased or a booking has been made, but not less than 10 days before the departure date and only in case the payment (either advance or full) has been affected.

Sum insured and insurance premium

The insurance premium depends on the sum insured and the period from the date of insurance to the end of the journey. The sum insured is fixed in Bulgarian currency and is based on the amount paid for the individual or group journey, plane tickets or hotel reservation. 

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