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A portrait of Petko Slaveikov from Armeec Jsc and the Pressa Newspaper

Portret Petko Slaveikov

Celebrating the 106th anniversary of Bulgarian Independence

On 22.09.2014 in their Patriotism Series Armeec Jsc and the Pressa Newspaper presented a reproduction of a portrait of Petko R. Slaveikov - a writer, a poet, a journalist, a man of letters, a folklorist, and a political activist. The portrait was painted by Ivan Hristov.

Petko Slaveikov was chairman of the Bulgarian Parliament (1880), Minister of Education (1880), and Minister of the Interior in two different administrations (1880-1881 and 1884-1885) and deputy Commissionaire for Southern Bulgaria following the unification of the country. He was honorary member of the Bulgarian Academy of Science. He fathered eight children including the politicians Ivan Slaveikov and Hristo Slaveikov, the publicist Racho Slaveikov, and the poet Pencho Slaveikov.

Petko R. Slaveikov was born on November 17, 1827 in Veliko Tarnovo. He studied in his home town and then in Drianovo, Triavna, the Preobrazhenski Monastery, and Svishtov. He studied Greek and was familiar with the Serbian and Western European literature. In 1843 Slaveikov became a teacher in Veliko Tarnovo and then taught in Triavna, Vidin, Vratsa, Pleven, Berkovitsa and other places. He was an educator and promoted Bulgarian culture collecting 2263 folklore songs, proverbs, and sayings. In 1852 he published his first books: Smesena Kitka, Pesnopoika and Basnenik. He was the author of the Boika Voivoda poem. In Constantinople he published the Gaida and Macedonia newspapers and the Ruzhitsa, Pchelitsa, and Chitalishte magazines (among others). In 1873 he wrote the famous poem Izvorat na belonogata. After 1979 he published the newspapers Osten, Tselokupna Bulgaria, Nezavisimost, Tarnovska Konstitutsia, Istina, Sofiyski Dnevnik, and Pravda. He died in 1895 in Sofia.

The idea behind the Patriotism Campaign is for us to take a look back at our ancestors and remember their glorious achievements and the lessons in patriotism we never read or forgot to teach our children. So that Bulgaria will live on after we are gone.

The Patriotism Series will continue with a portrait of Paisiy Hilendarski that will be published on the national Enlighteners Day on 01.11.2014.