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Armeec and the Pressa Newspaper are giving away portraits of King Ivan Asen II

Родолюбие - портрет на Иван Асен II

The patriotism project continues with color reproductions of Bulgarian Kings

The entire printing run of Pressa’s March 9, 2015 issue will feature a color reproduction of a portrait of the Bulgarian king Ivan Asen II. The date marks the 785 anniversary of the battle of Klokotnitsa where the armies of King Ivan Asen II delivered a crushing blow to the forces of Theodore Komnenos, the ruler of the Despotate of Epirus resulting in the expansion of the Bulgarian Kingdom to the coasts of three seas (Adriatic, Aegean and Black). The rule of King Ivan Asen II will be remembered not only for the diplomatic and military success but for also for the economic growth and cultural development of the Bulgarian nation.


For the second year in a row Armeec Insurance Jsc and the Pressa Newspaper are giving readers portraits of distinguished Bulgarians. In 2015 as part of the Project the newspaper will provide free color reproductions of the Bulgarian rulers King Ivan Asen II, King Kaloyan, kings Asen and Peter and King Simeon the Great with every newspaper published on anniversaries related to their rule.


Armeec launched the Patriotism Project in 2014 in conjunction with various media outlets with nationwide and regional coverage in order to help preserve Bulgarian heritage and spirit. In 2014 Armeec donated 450 framed portraits of notable Bulgarians to kindergartens, schools, community centers, libraries and universities named after Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, Hristo Botev, Vassil Levski, Ivan Vazov, Petko Slaveikov and Paisiy Hilendarski.

Let us remind ourselves of the lessons in patriotism we have not read or have forgotten to teach our children because Bulgaria must endure even after we have left this world.