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Armeec Insurance and the Pressa Newspaper are giving away portraits of King Kaloyan

Portret Kaloian

Celebrating the 810th Anniversary of the Triumph against the Knights of the Latin Empire

On April 14, 2015 every issue of the Pressa Newspaper will come with a color reproduction of a portrait of the Bulgarian ruler King Kaloyan and his wife Queen Tselguba painted by Vassil Goranov.

This date marks the 810th anniversary of the Battle of Adrianople where King Kaloyan crushed the Crusader armies. King Kaloyan’s triumph of 1205 attracted the attention of the European monarchies. The Knights of the Fourth Crusade and the armies of the Latin Empire were decimated and their commander, Emperor Baldwin was imprisoned in the Bulgarian capital, Veliko Tarnovo. King Kaloyan continued his successful military campaign of 1205 by capturing the city of Philippopolis (present day Plovdiv).

King Kaloyan ascended to the throne of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom after the deaths of his brothers, King Asen and King Peter in 1197. A year later the Bulgarian ruler launched his first military campaign against the Byzantine Empire by capturing the fortress of Constantia. Two years later the Bulgarian armies lead by King Kaloyan took the Varna Fortress giving the Bulgarian Kingdom access to the Black Sea. Later the Bulgarian ruler managed to regain control of the Rhodopean Region and Macedonia. As a result of his successful diplomacy and the union with the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Innocent III, archbishop Basil was pronounced Patriarch of the Bulgarian Church and Kaloyan himself was recognized as King. During his ten-year reign (1197 – 1207) King Kaloyan achieved an era’s worth of success for the Medieval Bulgarian Kingdom.

Two years after his triumph over the Crusaders in 1205 King Kaloyan was killed in a conspiracy amid his Thessaloniki Offensive.

Let us remind ourselves of the lessons in patriotism we have not read or have forgotten to teach our children because Bulgaria must endure even after we have left this world.