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Armeec Insurance and the Pressa Newspaper are giving away portraits of Vasil Levski

Portret Vasil Levski

Today is the 177th anniversary of the birthday of the Apostle of Freedom

As part of their Patriotism Series Armeec Insurance Jsc. and the Pressa Newspaper are giving readers portraits of Bulgaria’s favorite son, Vasil Levski. They are reproductions of a photograph taken in Bucharest in 1868.

The Apostle of Freedom is the brightest character in Bulgarian history. His name is synonymous with Bulgarian people’s political and ethical ideals. Vasil Levski was the ideologist and the driving force behind the Bulgarian national revolution. He was the founder of the Internal Revolutionary Organization (VRO) and the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRTsK).

Vasil Levski was born on July 18, 1837 in Karlovo in the family of Ivan Kunchev Ivanov and Gina Vasileva Karaivanova. He studied at the mutual training school in Karlovo. In 1855 he became a neophyte at the monastery where his uncle, Vasiliy was a monk. He studied for two years at the grade school of Stara Zagora and completed a one-year priest training course. In 1858 he adopted the name Ignatiy and became a monk. In 1861 under the influence of Georgi Rakovski he abandoned his religious career and devoted his life to the revolutionary cause. He was a member of the First Bulgarian Legion assembled by Rakovski in Belgrade. There his fellow legionnaires dubbed him Levski on account of his bravery. In 1867 he was appointed the standard bearer for Panayot Hitov’s rebel detachment. Later Levski joined the Second Bulgarian Legion lead by Rakovski in Belgrade.

In 1870 Levski built an underground network of revolutionary committees. On December 26, 1872 he was captured by the Ottoman Police near the Kukrin Inn. He was hanged to death on February 18, 1873 in the outskirts of Sofia.

“If I emerge victorious, it will be a victory for the entire nation, if I am defeated - the defeat will be mine and mine alone”. How does this echo in everyone of us when we hear these prophetic words spoken by the Apostle?

The idea behind the Patriotism Campaign is for us to take a look back at our ancestors and remember their glorious achievements and the lessons in patriotism we never read or forgot to teach our children so that Bulgaria will live on after we are gone.

The Patriotism Series will continue with a portrait of Ivan Vazov on 06.09.2014.