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Armeec Insurance JSC First Integrated Office Opened Doors in the City of Burgas


The first integrated office of Armeec Insurance JSC, Central Cooperative Bank, Bulgaria’s air carrier Bulgaria Air, CKB Sila Pension Security Joint-Stock Company and the life insurance company CCB Life opened its doors in Bulgaria. It is located in the city of Burgas and is the first outlet where customers can get various different services by different providers such as purchasing insurance, buying plane tickets, banking, placing pension security insurance and so on all in one place.

“We want to give our customers the full spectrum of services we and our partner companies offer. This is a pilot office and the first step in the development of a much larger project. We expect to open many more integrated offices like this one across the country in order to make our customers’ experience much more convenient“ said Mr. Konstantin Velev, CEO of Armeec Insurance JSC at the inauguration of the new integrated office.

Over the next two years integrated offices are scheduled to open in many major cities across the country.