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Armeec is the official insurer of the Vacation and Spa Expo

Туристическо изложение Ваканция&Спа  Експо 2015

An international tourist fair with more than 250 participants

Armeec Insurance Jsc was the official insurance carrier of the 32nd edition of the international tourist exchange, Vacation and Spa Expo, which took place from February 12 to February 14 at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia under the slogan “Everything is Tourism in Bulgaria”. Armeec Insurance had its own booth where participants and visitors were able to receive competent information regarding the company’s tourist insurance products.

The fair was attended by more than 250 participants including 40 new representatives from Bulgaria and 30 representatives from abroad and no fewer than 50 Bulgarian municipalities and municipal information centers. There were workshops dedicated to various issues facing tourism in Bulgaria as well as discussions of global trends on the international tourist market and presentations of numerous municipal projects. The fair was organized under the auspices of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism.

Tour operators, municipal administrations, and industry organizations had three days to make attractive presentations of their vacation and travel packages with live demonstrations, product samplings, and advertisement materials. Stolichna Municipality’s booth attracted many visitors with the display of King Ferdinand’s actual chariot. At the stand of Elena Municipality visitors were able to get a taste of the famous Elenski But. At the Moroccan booth they were offered tea and at the Turkish booth they could get a piece of Lokum.

By supporting this international forum Armeec yet again lent a helping hand to Bulgaria’s tourist business.