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"Bulgarian Military Wonder" series gathered lecturers at the Military Club


The historical achievements of our army in the period of Post-Liberation Bulgaria gathered dozens of lecturers and headmasters from Sofia schools as well as professors from higher education institutions at the Military Club at the premiere of the documentary series "Bulgarian Military Wonder".

The series is part of the joint educational project of the "Bulgarian History" Association and "Armeec" Insurance Company, which presents the history in a modern and interesting way for the students. Two of the short movies - "The Conquest of Edirne" and "The Defence of the Bulgarian Sky" - were presented, and the creators told more about the project.

“The overall activity of the "Bulgarian History" Association has always been related to the popularization of our history. This is the focus of the current project, which presents 10 key battles for our country”, explained Mario Mishev from the "Bulgarian History" Association.

"The initial interest in history comes from school. For example, I will never forget my history teacher, who inspired me and Mario on the subject. That is why our ambition is "Bulgarian Military Wonder" to continue its development not only on the Internet or on television, but also in the classrooms", added Ivan Kanev from the Association.

"Bulgarian Military Wonder" is a cause that "Armeec" JSC welcomes with open arms and with great enthusiasm. Our company has supported many educational and patriotic initiatives for years, but this is different because we have the opportunity to directly help teachers and headmasters to make their lessons more interesting. We will continue to work on the project so that we can reach a wider audience. The videos will be provided free of charge for educational purposes, said Konstantin Velev - Executive Director of "Armeec" JSC.

The project met the support of the Sofia Municipality and the Syndicate of Bulgarian Teachers. The mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova and the chairwoman of the Syndicate of Bulgarian Teachers - Yanka Takeva, sent greeting addresses and welcomed the initiative. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Regional Education Administration in Sofia.

 "Bulgarian Military Wonder", presents the Slivnitsa Epopee, the Lozengrad military operation, the Rhodope Shipka battle, the Conquest of Edirne, the battle of Kresna Gorge, the battles at Dobrich and Tutrakan, the Doyran Epopee, the Defence of the Bulgarian sky, the battle of Drava. Every week "Bulgarian History" will publish two movies on the website and on its social channels. The series can also be seen on Bulgaria ON AIR TV - every Friday at 8:45 pm the "Bulgaria in the morning" show will broadcast one movie from "Bulgarian Military Wonder".

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