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Over 20 000 claims filed in the wake of the hailstorm

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The mobilization of all available teams sped up the settlement process

Forty days after the devastating hailstorm that hit Sofia the number of claims filed with Armeec Jsc  has exceeded 20 000. A little over 19 000 of these are claims under Motor Casco insurance policies.

By the end of the claim registration period almost half of the claims under the motor insurance policy were processed. Payment of compensations is still going on in accordance with the method chosen by the customer.

To ensure the quick and timely registration of all claims from the first most critical day the company used the services of over 170 experts across the country. The claim registration centers worked with extended working week and overtime for 20 days.

The support, trust, and understanding of our customers gave us confidence and strength every step of the way.

Thank you!