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Portraits of Tsar Samuil by Armeec Jsc and the Pressa Newspaper

Portret na Samuil

Get a portrait of Paisiy Hilendarski on the Enlighteners Day

On 06.10.2014 as part of their Patriotism Series, Armeec Jsc and the Pressa Newspaper will present their readers with a reproduction of Tsar Samuil by Alexander Haitov. To commemorate the 1 000 year anniversary of the death of the Bulgarian king, a monument will be installed in the area outside the Sveti Georgi Church in Sofia.

Tsar Samuil ruled Bulgaria from 997 to October 6, 1014. He was the first ruler of the Cometopuli Dynasty. According to the available sources, his father was the ruler of the Sredets Province. In 997 Tsar Roman was captured in Constantinople. His death left the Bulgarian Kingdom without a legitimate heir to the throne. Samuil, a general of the Bulgarian Army, was the closest living relative of Simeon the Great. Later that year he proclaimed himself the king of Bulgaria. His ascent was recognized by the Roman Pope who pronounced him an Emperor (Tsar) of the Bulgarian people.

The rule of Tsar Samuil was marked by ceaseless struggle for supremacy with the Byzantine Empire. For decades Tsar Samuil managed to withstand the attacks of the Byzantine Emperor Basil II, who sustained several serious defeats. Tsar Samuil died on October 6, 1014 following the battle at the village of Klyuch overwhelmed at the sight of 16 thousand of his men blinded by the enemy. After his death the Bulgarian Kingdom could not resists the attacks of the Byzantine army for long. Four years later the First Bulgarian Kingdom was conquered to reemerge on the political map in 1185 following the rebellion of the brothers Asen and Peter.

The idea behind the Patriotism Campaign is for us to take a look back at our ancestors and remember their glorious achievements and the lessons in patriotism we never read or forgot to teach our children. So that Bulgaria will live on after we are gone.

The Patriotism Series will continue with a portrait of Paisiy Hilendarski that will be published on the national Enlighteners Day on 01.11.2014.