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Property insurance at preferential prices from Armeec Insurance Jsc

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Property insurance at preferential prices from Armeec Insurance Jsc

The promotion of Protected Family and Protected Property continues till 28.02.2013

By the end of February 2013 Armeec Insurance offers property insurance at preferential prices. The company's customers will receive 20% discount on the insurance of their home or their firm’s movable and immovable property. The minimum premium under the Protected Family policy during the promotion period is 10 lev (or only 0.03 lev per day). When and how much is paid by the insurer? For example, if there is water damage by a burst water pipe, the insurer will cover damages up to BGN 5,000. If a flood or fire has destroyed the furniture or other furnishings, the insurer shall pay claims up to BGN 1,000. The abovementioned perils are just some of the events for which Armeec Jsc shall compensate the policyholders. Insurance benefits are paid up to the specified limits under the policy. The above amounts are the minimum and insurance may be taken out at much higher limits. The policy issuing procedure is customer-friendly – it is not necessary to submit documents in proof of the ownership of the house or to carry out an inspection. Besides, a list of the insured items is not required, if the burglary risk is covered up to BGN 4000. The minimum premium for Protected Property insurance is 20 lev (or only 0.06 lev per day). For example, if up to 20-year old six-storey office building in Sofia is insured for BGN 200,000 against the risks of fire, natural disasters (excluding earthquake) and vandalism - the premium will be BGN 110, and respectively BGN 290, if the risk of earthquake is included. Another 15% discout is granted in case the motor TPL and motor casko for the company cars are taken out with Armeec, and the company employees are insured against work accident. Moreover, if a fire alarm system has been installed in the office and the insured accepts a 10% deductible to be applied in any claim, Armeec shall provide further 10% discount. The rebates can reach a maximum of 50%. Customers can be granted other discounts from the current tariff of Protected Property insurance for single premium payment, for lack of claims, or availability of a good fire alarm system, etc.