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Rumen Georgiev participates in the discussion on the Let us stay alive act

Diskusia 24 chasa

The problem is not with the young drivers.

The Executive director of Armeec Insurance Jsc, Rumen Georgiev, was a participant in a discussion, organized by the newspaper 24 hours, covering the issue of What kind of a law is going to make us feel confident that we’ll be ending our road trips alive. Among the other participants in the debate one could see representatives of the three sectors of political power on which the effectiveness of the efforts, put into curbing the ongoing war on the roads, depends. The final proposals, made by the representatives of the executive power, boiled down to imposing immediate and severe penalties mainly for hooliganism on the road.

The Executive director of Armeec Insurance, Rumen Georgiev, stated that the young drivers, against whom most of the proposed changes in the law are directed, should not be treated so harshly and the sanctions against them are not justified as the statistical material, collected by the insurers indicates that young drivers are more likely make minor offenses rather than to cause heavy road accidents. According to Georgiev, the implementation of the proposed idea for speedy court trials against traffic violators is impossible. The direction to which we should turn our thoughts, he said, is to improve the road infrastructure, because at too many locations the roads do not meet the requirements and road accidents are most often explained with “over speeding”, which does not describe correctly the actual state of affairs.

In the course of the discussion the deputy chief prosecutor expressed the view that there is a need of a complex set of measures, one of which could be a distraint upon the use of a given vehicle for grave violations of the traffic law, regardless of whose property it is. The deputy minister of the interior,  Tsvyatko Georgiev announced, that the ministry has decided to impose penalties for drivers permitting unbelted passengers to travel in their vehicles. According to deputy justice minister, Petko Petkov, the illegal car races can be prosecuted on an equal basis with hooliganism. The chief of the traffic police, Tencho Tenev expressed the view that only the front registration plates of the vehicles, caught in violation, should be removed. The chairman of the parliament’s legislative committee, Danail Kirilov declared that it is high time to increase the penalties for accidents, caused by drunk drivers who do not have a valid driving license. The decisions, which must be made as soon as possible, according to the chairman of the parliamentary transport committee Grozdan Karadjov, should be directed toward a more efficient traffic control system and the speeding up of the activities and a greater involvement of the public prosecutor.  The lawyer Marin Markovski proposed the criminalization of the act of driving in the opposite lane, both on motorways and first class roads. Views on these issues were also expressed by the expert Alexi Kesiakov, according to whom the poor road infrastructure also contributes to aggravating the problem of the so-called war on the roads.