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Sofia Antonova, Director Risk Insurance for News 7

Sofia Antonova pred News 7

Flue Insurance for Schools

In case of an accident children receive compensations and their medical expenses are paid.

It is common practice to offer Flu, Pox, and Accident Insurance to schools. A minimum of BNG 2 per student is charged.

Doctor Diana Petkova works at the 31st School in Sofia. Students come to her with various complains. Sometimes she examines more than 35 children per day.

Because of the high risk of sustaining a broken limb, contracting flu or pox, insurers provide protection for school children. Insurance prices start at BGN 2 and go up with children’s age and insurance amount. The condition is to form a group of students.

The minimum sum insured for this insurance is BGN 1000. The compensation payable for a broken arm or hospitalization up to 20 days amounts to BGN 30 plus medical costs of up to BGN 100 per person. as these The insured can get 130 to 150 Bulgarian Leva in such an accident, says Sofia Antonova, an insurance professional.

Several years ago the principal of the 31st School, Ms. Nadezhda Nikolcheva placed insurance for all of the children in her school but has never done this again. The reason is the difficulty of collecting the money for the insurance and the necessary papers if students fall ill or are involved in accidents.

Insuring the children is good but it should be the parents’ responsibility, says the school doctor. Because this increases the price of the policies, the idea of the school playing the role of an intermediary is more attractive. Industry experts say that the interest toward insurance for school children is growing every year. For the leading companies this growth is 15-20 %.

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Reporter: Gergana Marinova