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Sofia Antonova - High-Risk Insurance Director for BNT 2

Sofia Antonova BNT2

The Travel Assistance Abroad insurance policy also covers non-medical risks

Sofia Antonova, Risk Insurance Director of Armeec., guest of Dobroutro information broadcast on BNT 2, commented the Travel Assistance Abroad insurance product, the conditions of the insurance and the risks covered in case of damage.

In order to ensure peace and comfort during traveling abroad Ms. Antonova advises not to save money but to conclude an insurance policy with Armeec, which shall guarantee payment of costs incurred within the agreed limit of liability.

Unlike the European Health Insurance Card, which covers only certain hospitals, Armeec Insurance Jsc. provides coverage for all hospitals and specialists. It also covers emergency dental treatment, transport costs from the place of accident to the nearest hospital or to Bulgaria, costs for medicines and drugs in outpatient treatment.

In addition to standard medical expenses covered for examination and treatment in hospitals the non-medical risks such as theft, loss or delay of baggage, Third Party Liability Insurance for damages caused to third parties, rescue costs, especially popular in the winter season for searching and rescuing missions are also provided.

The Travel Assistance Abroad insurance policy may be concluded by all persons. Customers over 70 who are regarded as a risk category are insured for a higher insurance amount.

The entire interview can be viewed here.

Dobro Utro on BNT2 - information program, June 24, 2014

Reporter: Polya Naidenova