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Successful year for Project „Return of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria”

Sokol 2015

The 19 young birds released successfully adapted in the wild

Year 2015 proved to be extremely successful for the conservation initiative "Return the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria". The balance showed that 19 saker falcons were released and successfully adapted during the year, and this is the highest number of birds since the beginning of the Project. For this purpose, activities related to medical treatment, rehabilitation, breeding and release into the wild were conducted for the missing species in Bulgaria. The 19 hatchlings were separated from their parents and placed in four adaptation aviaries near the town of Stara Zagora at a distance of 3 km from one another. The international team of activists inspected and monitored the condition of the birds and kept detailed records. Cameras were mounted in the cages, the hatchlings were marked with transmitters, and the resting and feeding places were regularly monitored by a drone. The adaptation period took about four months, long enough the birds to recognize their home when it's time for the breeding season.

We would like to remind that since 2012, Armeec Insurance Jsc has engage in the charitable initiative aiming the restoration of population of this rare species in Bulgaria and has been supporting Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center in the town of Stara Zagora by donating the amount of 0.50 BGN from each concluded insurance policy "Casco of motor vehicles" in support of the cause.