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The agency of Armeec in Gabrovo is celebrating its 15th anniversary

Gabrovo 15-godini

Guests included state officials and representatives of the business and insurance communities

On June 10, 2014 the Agency of Armeec in Gabrovo solemnly celebrated its 15th anniversary. The event held at the Hristo Tsokev Art Gallery in the town was attended by brokers, agents, representatives of local authorities and businesses.

The host of the event, Ms. Anelia Todorova, drew up a balance of the past period, shared her pride with results and thanked the Management of Armeec Insurance, the intermediaries and the customers for the successful cooperation. The Company Management announced its recognition of her work as a Manager and her contribution in the development of the Company over the past period.

Official greetings on the occasion of the 15th anniversary were presented by the Mayor of Gabrovo, Mrs. Tanya Hristova.

Honorary Armeec plaques were presented to the first Manager of the Agency of Armeec in Gabrovo - Nikolay Grigorov, now Regional Governor of the town of Gabrovo, the most long-standing customer of the Agency - Miroslav Kavardzhikov of Disco Dura Terra AD, the best-performing agent - Adora Trade, the customer with the highest number of insurance policies contracted – Obshitnski Patnicheski Transport EOOD - Gabrovo and the customer with the most diverse insurance portfolio - Bulkari LTD.

The special entertainment program including music and dancing combined with exquisite culinary specialties, beverages and the Armeec cake turned the night into a real holiday for everyone in attendance.