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Tsvetanka Krumova is among the ten finalists in the contest "Manager of the Year"

Manager na godinata

The winner will be announced on November 17, 2015

The Executive Director of Armeec Insurance Joint Stock Company, Tsvetanka Krumova is among the ten finalists of the eighth edition of the national contest "Manager of the Year" 2015, organized by Manager magazine. The criteria for evaluation of candidates in the second round were related to the financial indicators of the companies they represent and the good management skills.

Seventy four senior managers, Bulgarians and foreigners, took part in this year edition of the contest. These are individuals with important contribution to the development of the country. The fifty four persons ranked in the first round manage over 31 000 employees and the revenues of their activity in 2014 exceeded 6.2 billion BGN. The second round determined ten top managers who produce 2% of GDP of the country. In the upcoming final stage, important role will play the personal qualities of the participants, the ability to manage their team and company. For this purpose, representatives of Deloitte Bulgaria will conduct interviews with each finalist and with their subordinates. The winner will be announced at an official ceremony to be held Sofia Opera and Ballet on November 17, 2015 on the basis of the evaluation from the second and third round under a special methodology developed by international consulting company Deloitte.